HawKar at Web Summit Qatar

HawKar at Web Summit Qatar

HawKar at Web Summit Qatar — Doha, Qatar
A Week of Innovation and Collaboration

From February 26 to 29, 2024, the bustling city of Doha played host to the inaugural Web Summit Qatar, a convergence of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Among the distinguished participants was HawKar, proudly representing Tunisia.

HawKar, along with other Tunisian institutions, showcased its cutting-edge innovations and entrepreneurial spirit at the event. The vibrant HawKar booth stood as a testament to Tunisia’s commitment to technological advancement and collaboration. As the Tunisian flag fluttered alongside those of other nations, our team engaged with visitors, forging connections and exploring opportunities for cooperation.

We had the visit of Mr. Nizar Ben Neji, the esteemed Minister of Technology in Tunisia. His presence underscored the government’s unwavering support for Tunisian startups and their potential to drive innovation.

Accompanying him were distinguished guests: His Excellency Farhat Khelif, the Tunisian Ambassador in Qatar, and Mr. Mansoor Al-Khater, CEO of Ooredoo Tunisia. Their presence symbolized the strong ties between Tunisia and Qatar, emphasizing the importance of cross-border collaboration in the tech sector.

A Journey of Enrichment & Collaboration

Each interaction, whether with fellow startups or industry experts, fueled our passion for innovation. The bustling exhibition halls buzzed with ideas, and the air crackled with possibility.

The Web Summit Qatar was a celebration of collaboration. We witnessed the fusion of minds, the exchange of ideas, and the birth of partnerships. The event showcased the limitless potential of technology.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all our partners. Their unwavering support fueled our journey. As we bid farewell to Doha, we carry with us newfound inspiration and connections that will undoubtedly propel us toward greater heights.

Our week at Web Summit Qatar was a resounding success, leaving us inspired, motivated, and ready to chart new territories.

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