HawKar Automotive Design Competition 2016 Winner!

HawKar Automotive Design Competition 2016 Winner!

The competition, which was in favour of the imagination of design, allowed participants to present the design of the electric car for people with reduced mobility of HawKar by using their imagination and their creativity.

The aim of the competition was to design the exterior aesthetics of the future electric model of the brand and to imagine what technologies and materials would be useful to the model.

The participants sent their designs according to a precise specification. The designs were studied by 6 main criteria : innovation, design, implementation, creativity, harmony and realism, and a project was selected among about ten projects.

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The winner of the 1st prize of the HawKar Automotive Design Competition 2016 is Riadh Ouelhazi, a young graduate of 22 years old, from Testour-Beja, who studied at ISET Siliana.

The winner will have the opportunity to see his project realized and will have the chance to make a 2-month internship with HawKar, he will thus be able to participate in the current project.


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