HawKar Automotive Design Competition 2016

HawKar Automotive Design Competition 2016

HawKar appeals your design imagination ! Participants will present a concept car of an electric car for disabled people, which is both compact and economical.

The goal is to design the exterior aesthetics of the future electric model of the brand. You’ll do your best to imagine what technologies and materials that would be useful to the model.

Unleash your imagination and your creativity and allow yourself maximum freedom !

Sketches, photos and materials that make up the project are to make by 30 September 2016 and will then be studied by 6 major criteria : innovation, design, implementation, creativity, harmony and realism.

The finalist will be selected in October 2016 and will win the opportunity to see their completed project. Winners will have the chance to do an internship of 2 months with HawKar. They will be able to participate in the current project.

The HawKar design competition is a unique opportunity to share your design skills and make yourself known. A good opportunity to create contacts with the professional world and, why not, to be recruited…

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